The least expensive way to build Green is through efficiency. Low energy consumption results in less impact on the environment and more money in the home owners pocket.

There are numerous techniques to build Green while adding comfort and value. We at Little Apple Homes do our best to reach a balance between these two.


Some details on our home design…

Energy Efficient Designs & Construction Techniques:
  • Superior insulation reduces the energy requirements of the house and increases the thermal comfort of the occupants. We insulate our concrete basement slabs to reduce conductive heat loss.
  • Passive solar heating and cooling is the most cost effective way to reduce CO2 emissions and provides a home adapted to seasonal changes.
  • Modern wood-frame construction techniques reduce thermal bridging, require less lumber, and lowers conductive surface areas minimizing heat/cold transfer through walls.
  • Creative efficient use of floor space optimizes traffic flow. We strive to design homes with a synergy between the occupant, the environment and the home.

Little Apple Homes can also design to
Passive Haus, Net Zero and BC Step Code 5 standards

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